How to Disable ‘High Volume Can Cause Hearing Loss’ Warning

If you use your iPhone with headphones a lot, you may have noticed a warning that says “High volume can cause hearing loss.” While this may be true, it’s also annoying. If you want to disable this warning, follow the steps below.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen the warning label on your headphones or other audio devices that says “high volume can cause hearing loss.” While this may be true, it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid listening to music or other audio at high volumes altogether. In fact, there are some benefits to listening to music at high volumes, such as increased concentration and focus.

So, if you’re looking to disable the “high volume can cause hearing loss” warning on your devices, here’s what you need to know.


1. On your device, go to the settings menu.

2. Scroll down to the “Sound” or “Audio” section and look for the “Volume” or “Volume Limit” setting.

3. Adjust the volume limit to the highest setting. This will disable the warning message.

4. Enjoy your music at high volumes without worry!

How to turn off the high volume warning

If you are like many people, you may have noticed the high volume warning that appears on your screen when you turn up the volume on your computer or other device. This warning is designed to protect your hearing by alerting you to the fact that the volume is turned up too high. However, if you find this warning to be annoying or unnecessary, you can easily disable it.

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To disable the high volume warning on a Windows computer, open the Control Panel and select “Sound.” Click on the “Playback” tab and then double-click on your speakers. In the speaker properties window, select the “Advanced” tab and uncheck the box next to “Enable loudness equalization.” Click “OK” to save your changes.

On a Mac, open the System Preferences and select “Sound.” Click on the “Output” tab and then select your speakers from the list. In the speaker properties window, uncheck the box next to “Play feedback when volume is changed.” Click “OK” to save your changes.

You can also disable the high volume warning on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, go to the “Settings” app and select “Sounds.” Scroll down to the “Volume Limit” section and slide the lever to the “Off” position.

By following these steps, you can easily disable the high volume warning on your computer, Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

The dangers of listening to high volumes

Listening to high volumes can cause hearing loss. The louder the sound, the more damage it can cause. When you listen to music at a high volume, you are exposing your ears to loud noise. This can damage the delicate structures in your ears and lead to hearing loss.

If you enjoy listening to music, it is important to be aware of the risks of listening to high volumes. You should take steps to protect your hearing, such as wearing earplugs or turning down the volume. Remember, you can always enjoy your music at a lower volume and still have a great listening experience.

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How to protect your hearing

If you’re concerned about your hearing, there are a few things you can do to protect it. First, avoid exposure to loud noise whenever possible. If you must be exposed to loud noise, make sure to use hearing protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs.

Second, if you notice any hearing loss or changes in your hearing, see a doctor as soon as possible. Hearing loss is often gradual, so it’s important to catch it early.

Finally, take care of your overall health. Good general health can help prevent hearing loss and other health problems.

when to see a doctor

If you experience any ringing in your ears after exposure to loud noise, you should see a doctor. This is especially true if the ringing lasts for more than a few hours or if it is accompanied by other symptoms like pain, dizziness, or difficulty hearing. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can be a symptom of many different underlying conditions, so it is important to see a doctor to determine the cause.


There are a few reasons why you might want to disable the “High Volume Can Cause Hearing Loss” warning on your computer. Maybe you’re a musician and you need to crank up the volume to hear yourself over your instruments. Or maybe you’re just trying to enjoy a movie or video game without having to worry about the constant reminder.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to disable the warning. Just open the Volume Control panel and uncheck the “Show warning message” box. You can find the Volume Control panel by clicking the Start button, then searching for “volume.”

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Once you’ve unchecked the box, you won’t see the warning message anymore. Just be sure to turn the volume down if you’re not using headphones, and be careful not to blast your ears for too long.

How to Disable ‘High Volume Can Cause Hearing Loss’ Warning

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