Absolute BSD: The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD

So you have your BSD-based system up and running. Now what?

Non-sysadmins always have questions: “Why is it slow?” “How fast is it working?” “How long will our current hardware suffice?” Sysadmins have their own set of questions: “Can I set up a local software package repository?” “Where is that function, anyway?” “What do I do with this crash dump?” Absolute BSD, from No Starch Press, answers these and more!

Absolute BSD covers installation and tuning FreeBSD systems, but goes into depth on the management of any BSD-based servers. A tight focus on network management and troubleshooting gives needed depth to the available BSD documentation. Absolute BSD goes beyond explaining what to type to make things work. Instead it takes the reader into why things work, and takes BSD system administrators that next step forward.

Want a taste? Check out Chapter 18: System Performance


Why a website?

This site is here to provide support, errata, and feedback on Absolute BSD. No book is perfect, and I expect that we’ll find some goofs. None have been found yet. If you find an error, please contact the author at:

mwlucas at AbsoluteBSD dot com

What I Wish I’d Put In the Book:

To make an animated BSD daemon chase your mouse around, just install /usr/ports/games/oneko and run:

# oneko -bsd -fg black -bg red &

Now please stop emailing me and asking how I did this.

In the Press!

Check here for reviews and press commentary on Absolute BSD.

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About the author:

MICHAEL LUCAS is the author of the popular Big Scary Daemons BSD column for the O’Reilly Network. He has been a pet wrangler, a librarian, a security consultant, and now works as a network engineer/sysadmin/consultant/generally responsible party. You can see his personal web page for more information.